There are 3 steps involved in adding a new persistent property to an existing object in Stacksmith (usually implemented as an object that is a subclass of CConcreteObject or one of its subclasses):

  1. Find the CConcreteObject-conforming C++ class that implements the object to which you want to add a property.
  2. Define a C++ instance variable on the object to hold the data at runtime. Write a setter for it that calls IncrementChangeCount() to make sure any change to that property gets saved. Find the LoadPropertiesFromElement() method and add code to load the property from the file, and add code to write the property back out again to the SavePropertiesToElement() method.
  3. Add code that makes the property accessible to scripts to GetPropertyNamed() and SetValueForPropertyNamed(), keying off the (case-insensitive!) property name for scripts. You will also want to add code to log the property’s value to DumpProperties() as an aid when debugging.